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Tarabull Media is a unique people consultancy firm that takes a comprehensive approach to improving workplace culture. The company was founded by Tara Furiani and Justin Boggs, who are deeply committed to removing all forms of discrimination from the workplace, promoting inclusivity and mental wellness, and fostering a positive and healthy work environment, particularly from Women, LGBTQ, Black, Brown and BIPOC communities. 

The methodology they've developed, known as SAIL Leadership, is based on four essential components: self-care, accountability, introspection, and learning. These four key pillars of leadership form the foundation of their work with individuals and companies. SAIL Leadership is a powerful tool to create a safe and supportive work environment that encourages growth, honesty, and vulnerability.

Tarabull's mission is to eliminate the toxic work environment that often permeates many offices, from racism to misogyny, to bigotry, to pay disparity, to white privilege, to suicide, to mental wellness, to bullying, and beyond. They believe that by starting an ongoing dialogue about previously thought of as "taboo" topics for work, leading the change, and aiding individuals and companies on their journey, they can ultimately make the workplace better for everyone.

Furiani and Boggs have authored several books that provide insights and advice on how to achieve success in the workplace. Their books include "F*ck Your Office Snacks," a look at the evolution of the workplace, how coffee replaced cash and what we can all do better, "MomZec," which provides working mothers with practical tips, stories and advice to balance work and parenting, "Don't Suck as a Boss," which aims to help managers become better leaders, and "Take Your PTO," which encourages employees to take their paid time off without fear of judgment and a whole lot more in the works. 

Tarabull Media & Not the HR Lady offers a wide range of services to help organizations create a more inclusive and welcoming work environment, such as diversity, equity, and inclusion training, workplace culture assessments, resiliency workshops, and HR consulting. Their team works closely with executives and companies to address issues such as workforce planning, organizational change, and crisis management, as well as issues related to women in leadership, career pivots, and mental wellness.


One of the significant benefits of working with NTHRL is the approach that they take to their work. Instead of adopting a dry, traditional approach, they use humor, inspiration, and relevance to convey their message, making it accessible and understandable for everyone, from entry-level workers to top executives. They believe that everyone has the potential to become an effective leader and that their work is about unlocking that potential by building a more supportive and positive workplace culture.


We're a unique consultancy firm that offers innovative and practical solutions to the most pressing issues in the workplace through inspiring, actionable and highly customized keynote speaking, virtual learning sessions, executive teambuilding, leadership retreats, and good old fashioned consulting.

We work with organizations in the US and abroad in a variety of industries and for numerous reasons. Find out how we can work together and improve the world of work! 

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