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Welcome to Not the HR Lady, where innovative HR consulting meets the forefront of diversity and leadership advocacy. Under the visionary direction of Tara Furiani – a celebrated HR Executive, Leadership Author, Keynote Speaker and impactful member of the NASA IDEA Board – we offer transformative solutions for modern workplaces. Our mission is championed through our dedication to inclusivity, mental wellness, and meaningful change in corporate culture.

Our Core Services

Keynote Speaking: Tara Furiani and Justin Boggs shine as a Keynote Speakers, together or separately, they're captivating audiences with insightful narratives that combine real-world experiences with actionable strategies, all with their namesake banter, data and wit. Our keynotes are not your standard fare; they're imbued with humor, energy, and the drive to inspire real change through participation & engagement.

DEI Workshops: Our DEI Workshops are meticulously designed to address and dismantle barriers to diversity and inclusion, creating spaces where every employee can thrive and leaders have the tools they need to grow.

Leadership Training & SAIL, Our Self-Paced Leadership Guide: Elevating leadership skills across the board, our Leadership Training programs, including the innovative SAIL Leadership Guide, empower individuals to lead with accountability, growth, and positivity. The SAIL methodology is central to our approach, embedding Self-care, Accountability, Influence, and Learning into the fabric of corporate culture and professionals across the globe.

Fractional HR Leadership (CPO/CHRO Services): We provide expert Fractional HR Leader services, offering the strategic acumen of seasoned CPOs and CHROs to organizations requiring high-level HR guidance without the commitment of a full-time position.

HR Consulting Services: We navigate the complexities of workplace challenges, offering bespoke solutions that drive forward organizational excellence.

Engage with Us

Sponsor Not the HR Lady Podcast: Sponsorship opportunities with our groundbreaking HR and business YouTube show and podcast, Not the HR Lady, offer a platform for deep dives into the latest in HR practices, research findings, and white papers.

Business Travel Partnerships: Elevate your brand's visibility and create meaningful connections with an engaged and untapped professional audience. When you  partner with Not the HR Lady's 'Workcations' you'll have curated content through a unique business travel lends.

We've worked with: Six Flags, SeaWorld, Marriott Hotels, Virgin Voyages, Disney, Dollywood, Medieval Times, and Four Seasons, we provide unparalleled experiences that inspire, rejuvenate, and drive personal & professional growth, driving a new audience of travelers to your businesses, while they're doing business in your city, state or country. Win/Win!

Books & Publications: Explore critical leadership and workplace culture topics through Tara Furiani and Justin Boggs' acclaimed book, "F*ck Your Office Snacks," alongside our other publications, white papers, research, eBooks and guides, which serve as invaluable resources for professionals seeking to enhance their organizational impact.

Workcations Blog and Vlog: Discover the intersection of business and leisure travel with our Workcations series. It's an innovative way for companies to blend work with relaxation, providing insights on how to integrate travel into corporate growth strategies.

Collaborate: At Not the HR Lady, you're not just choosing a consultancy; you're partnering with a dynamic force for workplace transformation. Whether through keynote engagements, sponsoring our show, or exploring the world of Workcations, let's embark on a journey to redefine workplace culture together.

Reach out to learn how our unique blend of services, insights, and initiatives can inspire change and elevate your organization's culture to new heights!

Special Announcement!!

Virgin Voyages with Not the HR Lady

Join us from December 1st to 6th out of Miami for an unforgettable journey aboard Virgin Voyages' luxurious Lady Ships.


This exclusive event, designed for professionals eager to network, learn, and grow, offers an unmatched experience: Affordable, All-Inclusive, Remote Work-Friendly, and exclusively for adults – NO KIDS allowed.


Embrace the opportunity to focus on personal and professional development in a setting that encourages relaxation and connection. Space is limited to 50 cabins (100 guests), ensuring an intimate and impactful experience. Take some time for yourself and be part of this extraordinary adventure.

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