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Workcations: Blurring the Lines Between Work and Play, One City at a Time!

In the early days of my career, fresh-faced and brimming with ambition, I found myself working with the venerable Dale Carnegie. As part of my role, I journeyed across the globe, leading leadership development programs for esteemed clients, drawing on Carnegie's enduring principles. This translated to over 300 nights a year in hotels - my life packed into suitcases - a dream, really, before children entered the picture.

One such enriching work venture took me to the heart of the nation, Washington D.C., where I was tasked to coach the faculty of a prominent university. My mission was to instill Dale Carnegie's principles of effective communication and human relations - the essential foundation for effective leadership.

For the first week in D.C., I played it safe, essentially living in my hotel room, my world revolving around room service menus and cable TV channels. That was until one day, on a whim, I stepped out and decided to explore. The bustling energy of the city, the rich history embedded in every corner, and the tantalizing diversity of food, instantly sparked a revelation - I'd been missing out!

From that point on, D.C. became my playground. I soaked in the city's history, relished its unique culture, and ventured to explore the unique charm of its neighborhoods. I was getting paid to travel, to explore, and to grow both personally and professionally. As a twenty-something woman, it was exhilarating. For the next seven years, work travel was not a chore but a thrilling journey.

Life evolved, and my family grew, but my love for travel didn't diminish. I found that integrating my children into these work trips created enriching experiences for all of us. With the unwavering support of my mom and my partner - a self-employed musician with daytime flexibility - my children also caught the travel bug.

These trips, where work blended seamlessly with leisure, struck a harmonious balance in my life. With my accommodation and flights covered and a per diem at my disposal, I discovered that I could creatively meet my family's needs without straining my pocket. The concept of 'Workcations' was thus born, a perfect blend of work trips and family holidays.

An essential aspect of these Workcations is our commitment to support local businesses, whether they're Black-owned, women-owned, LGBTQ-owned, or minority-owned establishments. We ensure that our spending supports diverse communities and boosts local economies.

Today, 'Workcations' isn't merely a concept; it's a cornerstone of Tarabull Media. It's a travel blog and resource urging professionals to integrate work with exploration, to delve into local cultures and experiences offered by the cities they visit.

So, if work travel is on your calendar, I urge you to seize the opportunity. Step beyond your hotel room, immerse yourself in local life, and you may discover, like I did, that work travel isn't just about getting the job done; it's about broadening your horizons, creating unforgettable memories, and achieving work-life harmony.

Isn't it time we all embraced Workcations?

Learn more and hire us: and subscribe to our site for the private Workcations Blog Page & Community!

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