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Steering into Accountability: A Voyage Through the A in SAIL!

There I was, standing in the eye of a storm, with deadlines, targets, and unending to-do lists swirling around me. My corporate life and mom-life were two demanding tides, threatening to pull me in different directions. But instead of surrendering to the storm, I took a deep breath, grounded myself and got my hands on the ship’s wheel - with accountability as my compass.

One of the most transformative moments of my journey was coming to terms with my own accountability. It’s an integral part of my SAIL methodology—Self-care, Accountability, Introspection, and Learning—which had, by then, become my guiding North Star.

While embracing accountability, I discovered it is not simply about taking responsibility for my actions, but about growing from them.

So, how do we cultivate accountability?

Start with questions. The kind that make you squirm a little. Did I deliver on my promises today? How have my decisions affected those around me? Did I admit when I was wrong and made an effort to correct it? These self-reflection questions serve as a compass, steering us toward a deeper understanding of our roles as leaders and as caretakers.

Next, bring your actions in line with your words. Set yourself clear goals, communicate them to your team and family, and most importantly, follow through on them. I started doing this with my team at work and with my family at home. The more consistently I demonstrated accountability, the more I saw it reflected back to me.

Then, cultivate a feedback-rich culture. It was a little scary at first, but I started asking my team and my family for feedback. "How can I support you better?" "How can I improve?" Their perspectives helped me spot blind spots, driving my personal and professional growth.

Finally, when you falter—and we all do—own it. Apologize genuinely, rectify your mistake, and learn from it. This one act can do wonders for building trust and credibility, both in the boardroom and the living room.

Implementing accountability within the SAIL methodology has been more than just a strategy; it's been a journey, filled with bumps and detours, but ultimately leading to a place of growth and empowerment. As women, leaders, and mothers, we're in a unique position to model accountability, both in our personal and professional lives.

As we wind our way through this voyage of accountability, remember, you're not alone. There’s a whole community of women, moms, and leaders navigating these waters with you.

If you’re looking to chart your own course with the SAIL methodology, join us for our on-going 6 week leadership development program on Virgin Voyages, our custom corporate retreats, and our quarter coaching & teambuilding programs for executive teams.

For more information, sail on over to (see what we did there?)

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