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Bleisure Travel in Los Angeles: Merging Business with Pleasure and Family Time

Justin Boggs

Sep 1, 2023

In the evolving landscape of work and travel, the line between business trips and leisure time is becoming increasingly blurred. This trend, known as 'bleisure' travel, allows professionals to extend their business trips for leisure purposes, often incorporating family time into the equation. A prominent advocate for this blend of work and play is Tara Furiani, known for her innovative insights on workplace culture and her platform "Not the HR Lady." During a recent trip to Los Angeles, Furiani demonstrated the practical benefits of bleisure travel, bringing her kids along and turning a business commitment into a memorable family adventure.

The Benefits of Bleisure Travel with Family

Furiani emphasizes the importance of work-life balance and sees bleisure travel as an opportunity to model this value. "Blending business travel with leisure activities not only maximizes your time away from home but also enriches your family life," she notes. By extending a business trip to include leisure time, employees can reduce travel stress, recharge their batteries, and create meaningful experiences with their loved ones.

Making the Most of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, with its blend of cultural attractions, outdoor activities, and entertainment options, serves as the perfect backdrop for bleisure travel. Furiani highlights how incorporating family into a business trip can enhance the experience for everyone involved. "Taking my kids to explore the Griffith Observatory, soak up the sun at Santa Monica Pier, or discover the magic of Disneyland, turns a routine business trip into an exciting family vacation," Furiani explains, and "with my hotel and flight already covered, it's at a lesser cost to bring everyone".

Strengthening Family Bonds

One of the key benefits of bleisure travel, according to Furiani, is the opportunity to strengthen family bonds. "In our fast-paced lives, finding quality time with family can be challenging. Bleisure travel allows us to make the most of our business trips by sharing new experiences and adventures with our children," she states. These shared experiences can foster closer relationships and create lasting memories.

A Boost for Mental Health

Furiani also points out the mental health benefits of combining work travel with leisure time. "Switching from a business mindset to leisure activities with my kids helps me decompress and return to work more refreshed and focused," she says. This break from the routine can also boost creativity and productivity, demonstrating the value of bleisure travel for both employees and employers.

Encouraging a Culture of Flexibility

By sharing her experiences, Furiani advocates for a corporate culture that supports flexibility and recognizes the importance of work-life integration. "Companies that encourage bleisure travel demonstrate a commitment to their employees' well-being and happiness. It's about showing that you value their personal growth and family time as much as their professional contributions," she adds.

Tara Furiani's recent trip to Los Angeles with her kids exemplifies the transformative potential of bleisure travel. By turning business obligations into opportunities for family bonding and personal rejuvenation, professionals can enjoy the best of both worlds. As more companies recognize the benefits of this approach, bleisure travel is poised to become a key component of modern work-life balance strategies, proving that with the right mindset, you can indeed mix business with pleasure.

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