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Navigating Divorce for Working Parents

  • 7Days
  • 2Steps
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Empower working women to navigate the challenges of divorce while maintaining their professional lives. This course provides practical advice, emotional support, and strategies for managing both personal and work-related issues during this difficult time. Key Learning Points: Understanding the emotional and legal aspects of divorce. Managing work-life balance during divorce. Strategies for maintaining productivity and focus at work. Building a support network. Who This Course is For: Working women going through a divorce or separation or who've gone through one, who want to manage the process effectively while maintaining their professional responsibilities and growing their network of support, via likeminded women going through similar life experiences. Takeaways: Practical strategies for managing divorce-related stress. Tips for balancing work and personal life. A one-page reference guide summarizing key strategies and resources. Micro-Course Outline: Emotional Resilience Understanding Emotional Stages Building a Support Network Coping Strategies for Work Legal Considerations Financial Planning Moving Forward

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